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Ana Violeta

In the works of Ana Violeta, the spirit of the earth, the sidereal and the ancestral converge, since she uses natural pigments from substrates and muds of lakes, deserts, forests and jungles, as well as rock formations. From them she obtains the shades of the primordial Gea, the interstellar space and the colorful caves of the Stone Age. With them she creates fertile territories, cultivates landscapes and sows abstract beings. Undoubtedly, her pieces are pictorial geographies that are composed of both organic and inorganic elements, the same that make up our body. Likewise, they enjoy the expressive force contained in the origin of life, in the intact humus and in the soul of everything that exists on the face of the Earth. In other words, from primitive sludge, which spawned the first organisms on the planet, the author makes art.


Those muds of all times keep a special alchemy that the artist discovers and transforms them into something beautiful and, as a ritual, spreads them on the fabric, like a living soil from which scribbles, faces and entities sprout. It should be noted that this pulverized material shows us its fascinating rusty, marble, rocky, stony and charred tones. Similarly, those tiny particles agglutinated on the canvas remind us that they are essentially seeds of stars, galaxies and entire universes. Small cosmic symphonies are shown and let you see in their amorphous contours, remote silhouettes, distances, depths, densities and in how they mix, interact, evolve, explode and reborn in an interstellar soil of lost memories, chaos, conflicts and harmonious worldviews.

Rocks in Desert

The cyclical, in the same way, has been represented by prehistoric artists due to the strong need to connect with Mother Earth, its colors and what inhabits it. In such a way, the creator is inspired by the palette of ancient wall paintings that illustrated the animal instinct and intellectual intuition of the talented homo sapiens and Neanderthals. They were very anthropological, archetypal, shamanic, magical and unconscious artistic expressions. In the same way that the painter abstracts characters, animals, civilizations and marks of humanity. Therefore, from the rock made unbreakable dust and from the most remote of the caverns of the psyche Ana Violeta paints with neolithic tones, secrets for millennia, the emotions of this turbulent world that are rooted in the terrestrial world. 

Image by Josh Boaz

It’s essential for her to use sustainable materials in her world. She brings to life natural pigments by representing current social and environmental issues with paint made with natural pigments and plant based mediums. Her projects  are presented over stretched canvas and/or wood panels. She makes layers of paint with different transparencies and textures, finishing with doodles that morph into humans and animals over nature and society. 

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